Information About the Drug Abuse Prevention Center

Operation of the Center

Links with Cooperating Organizations

 National Government organizations, such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare the National Police Agency, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, the Ministry of Justice, the Prime Minister's Office, the Management and Coordination Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Defense Agency, and others (16 ministries and governmental agencies which are the members of Headquarters for Countermeasures against Drug Abuse) ; District Narcotic Control offices under the Ministry of Health and Welfare; the National Diet (the Committee of Congressmen for Drug Control, Special Measures Committee for Narcotics and Drugs), the Pharmaceutical Affairs Division of Prefectural Governments (19,000 Stimulant Abuse Prevention Promoters); Police Departments of Prefectural Governments; Prefectural Pharmaceutical Associations; Prefectural Yakushusho Kyokai (druggists' associations;) Prefectural Pharmacies' Cooperation and Encouragement Associations; Prefectural Crime Prevention Associations; Lions Clubs; the Association of Pharmaceutical Industries; the International Rotary Club; and domestic committees supporting the "United Nations Decade Against Drug Abuse".